Bala's roots are steeped in a tradition of leadership in engineering and client service.  While our legacy traces back to 1946, the modern era of environmental consciousness ignited a world class organization that focuses on technology and innovation. The core of our talent-based ecosystem - a system comprised of five practice groups along Amtrak’s northeast Acela corridor stretching from Boston to Washington DC with landmark metropolitan based stations in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC.

From our inception, Bala has been committed to a diversified portfolio of engineering services for the commercial, institutional and public sectors.  Our metropolitan based practice groups comprise a community of engineers dedicated to serving their respective markets by consistently producing high performance outcomes evidenced by a wide variety of successful projects throughout the United States and Asia.

Bala’s ecosystem of exceptional talent is constantly refreshed by recruiting and developing top engineers from leading engineering educational institutions and through strategic mergers with organizations who share our vision of self-sustaining growth and opportunity along with a culture based on mutual dedication, commitment, loyalty and trust.

Bala’s collaborative culture transcends all our practice groups which breeds a unique atmosphere for professional development while maintaining a work life balance for our members. Our engineers are engendered with a passion to deliver exceptional service that challenges the norm, meets the intrinsic needs of the client and consistently sets new standards for the industry.  Our dedication and collaboration fosters a perpetual growth-oriented organization that casts a national image and competes effectively throughout the engineering spectrum.