Scott N. Snyder

Scott N. Snyder

Electrical Testing Department Manager


Master Electrician License Certification

J.A.T.C. Electrical Training

5-Year State Licensed Certification Program


Hyperscale Data Centers | Mission Critical | Education| Healthcare| Laboratory| SCCAF Audits | Commissioning, Electrical Testing



Scott manages our Electrical Testing Department and is a Senior Electrical Commissioning Engineer.  With over 18 years experience he has navigated the complex and sensitive Hyperscale Data Center environment by commissioning complex power sequences/power control systems both nationally and internationally. Scott provides specialized electrical systems Short Circuit Coordination and Arc Flash (SCC&AF) field audits. His hands on approach to design, responsiveness, and attention to detail as the Cx Project Lead and Electrical Cx Lead has resulted in many successful projects, including 15 major national and international Data Centers. Scott’s mission critical experience also includes UPS system expansions, SCCAF audits, electrical power transfer scheme upgrades and complex PLC maintenance sequence upgrades for numerous Data Centers.   

In addition to his mission critical work, Scott also has extensive experience in the education, research and development, healthcare and corporate office markets. Some of his projects include being the Lead Electrical CxA for the replacement of medium-voltage site distribution switchgear with a new dual-switchgear lineup with automated transfer control system for the University in Pennsylvania. He has also been the Quality Control Manager and Technical Electrical Lead for medical research facilities and healthcare facilities.  Scotts high level skills include composing commissioning plans including critical path commissioning schedules, project cost/ resource analysis, specifications, complex functional testing documents, proposals, and preparing final reports. 

A little known fact about me is…

I am an Eagle Scout and a recipient of the Medal of Merit.


What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?

Spending time with family on the farm raising livestock, poultry and horses.