COVID-19 Plumbing Strategies

Kitchens, pantries and toilet rooms are high risk spaces that require strategies to reduce contamination of surfaces and the opportunity for dispersion of the virus.  There are short and long term strategies for plumbing systems that can reduce the risk of infection from these spaces. 

Short Term:

Spray Disinfectant Units – Apply to existing water closets to activate after each flush. 

Lids with UVC or Far-UVC Lamps – Apply to existing water closet and trash/recycle receptacle lids to activate for a short period of time when lid is closed. 

Lids – Add lids to existing water closets to minimize potential for dispersion after each flush and to accommodate add on devices if needed. 

Long Term:

New Water Closets – Utilize fixtures with sanitization method built in.  

Hands Free Fixtures – Install sensor type fixtures to avoid use of hands through toilet rooms, kitchenettes and pantries. 

Stall Sanitization – Install UVC lamp or Far-UVC system to disinfect stall after each usage.  Care will need to be taken to shield occupants within room to avoid direct contact. 

Water Sanitization – Install equipment to treat incoming water supply if coming from a suspect source.  Technologies may be adopted from purified water systems such as application of UVC lamps. 


Vice President, Director of Mechanical Engineering
Executive Vice President, Senior Living Leader