Bala’s culture creates an environment for relationships to thrive and careers to flourish.  Our relationships are the foundation of our company.  We treat people as family, so they in turn treat others the same.

Value People

A human connection is powerful.  We believe in making human connections with our co-workers, clients and industry partners.  These bonds are formed through trust. Trusting our co-workers to use their expertise and the resources surrounding them to do the job right.  Being a trusted expert for our clients to call on in any situation, whether it is for a project, a technical opinion, a tough decision or just a friendly voice.  These human connections create an environment of trust where co-workers learn together and support each other and our clients become some of our closest friends. 

Build Connections

Engineering is all about connections.  Working together is only one way to build connections.  We believe in going beyond our work to enrich our relationships with our co-workers, and our clients.  We understand how vital both are to our company and our team in terms of personal and professional growth.  We have a number of activities and events held throughout the year to build these bonds both internally and externally.   Some of our favorite ways to play are:



  • Happy Hours
  • Poker Tournaments
  • Bowling Night
  • Ax Throwing
  • Softball Team
  • Ice Cream Socials
  • Company Picnics
  • Sporting Events

Give Back

Extending our culture of relationship building into the community brings great joy.  We enjoy giving our time and support to the communities and organizations that are important to our people.  Inspiring future engineers at local career fairs or hosting high school students in our office and mentoring our interns or co-op students are some of our favorite ways to give back.  We also love getting out to walk/run/bike/golf for a cause, hosting food drives, collecting school supplies, cooking a meal for those in need or even diving into icy water.  We believe giving back helps our community grow.