Structural engineering is the backbone of every building and on the front lines of design and construction in every project. Responsiveness is paramount from Bala's structural engineering team.  The structure is intimately aligned with the architecture and client concepts, requiring careful communication and coordination with the design team and contractors.  Bala's structural engineers focus on creative, efficient and cost effective design, fulfilling the architectural and owner design intents on every project.

  • Steel, Concrete, Masonry & Timber Structures
  • Load Bearing CFMF and Wood Framed Structures
  • Deep Foundation Systems
  • Tilt-up Concrete & Precast Panel Wall Construction
  • Emerging Structural Technologies - Deltabeam, Ecospan
  • Post Tension Concrete Framing
  • Industrial Platforms, Overhead Cranes & Equipment Pads
  • Facade Inspections
  • Architectural Exposed Structures
  • Specialty Structures and Exhibits