Engineering Expertise

Bala is committed to providing creative , cost effective, energy conscious, engineering solutions to every project we design.  Utilizing proven design practices infused with the latest technologies, Bala's designs are forward thinking, providing optimized engineering solutions and are dedicated to achieving our clients' goals.

With five offices located from Boston to Washington, DC, Bala has 40+ years of experience in completing projects throughout the United States, North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Our practice groups offer services as a bundled package or as stand alone. Bala's objective on all projects is to do what is best for our clients. 



Revit is a type of building information modeling (BIM) software that provides an information laden virtual environment for engineers to design, collaborate and analyze building systems designs in real-time. 

With over 75% of our projects designed in Revit, Bala has progressed to the next level of BIM by creating families’ with intelligent properties within the Revit software.  Bala evaluates the architectural model and modifies family parameters to populate equipment and panel schedules automatically.  Using the schedules generated by the intelligent ‘families’, items such as electrical loads, can be calculated for equipment sizing and analyzed for demand factors and energy consumption. 

Bala utilizes various versions of Revit which allows us to adapt and collaborate with architects more efficiently based on the version they are using.  BIM enables the design and construction team to identify and resolve conflicts between systems & disciplines during the design phase rather than in construction.  This reduces the number of construction change orders on projects and helps to expedite project construction.  Additionally, the owner can walk through a 3D virtual model of their space before it is constructed and feel confident that the design achieves all project goals and objectives.