Bala's commissioning process challenges the sustainability and resiliency performance of building systems.  Our separate and independent commissioning practice consists of dedicated project teams to support and aggressively execute the commissioning process.  Bala's third party commissioning services approach utilizes a talented staff of Professional Engineers and Certified Commissioning Professionals. 

  • Fundamental and Enhanced LEED Cx
  • Mission Critical Cx
  • Building / Office Cx
  • Energy Code Cx
  • Specialty Cx (Smoke Exhaust, Life Safety, NFPA 101)
  • Retro-Commissioning
  • Intelligent BMS/Energy Audits
  • Energy Audits/Assessments

In addition to our commissioning practice, Bala offers Facility Operations and Maintenance Support Services, as well as, Electrical, Mechanical and ‘Smart Building’ Controls systems Testing Services specifically targeted to the Commercial, Institutional and Mission Critical markets.

Operations & Maintenance Support Services:

  • Operator’s Electrical Riser Diagrams
  • Standard & Emergency Operating Procedures
  • Facility Load Monitoring / Reporting
  • Annual Maintenance / Test Procedures
  • Critical Activities Scripts & Oversight

Testing Services:

  • Infrared Scanning
  • Insulation Resistance (Megger) Testing
  • Contact Resistance (DLRO) Testing
  • Power Quality Testing
  • LV Transformer & Circuit Breaker Testing
  • Performance Testing