COVID-19 Technology Strategies

When we return to the workplace the ability to maintain a safe distance while still working collaboratively requires technology support. In critical environments or those with close quarters working conditions, detection of staff who may be ill and reducing contact with common surfaces like badge readers or door hardware will reduce the number of contact points. 

Consider the following upgrades or modifications to existing technologies: 

Access Control – Install non-contact badge readers allowing for touch-less entry of restricted spaces 

Surveillance – Install radiometric body temperature measurement cameras for non-contact measuring of visitors or staff with significant physical support requirements.  

Wi-Fi and Network Capabilities – With a mix of local and remote staff, network traffic will increase as remote collaboration platforms are used heavily within the workplace, even to communicate with others in the office to maintain social distancing. 

Remote Collaboration – Meeting spaces should natively connect to the collaboration platforms fully adopted during the remote working period. 

Business Continuity – Maintain the high level of remote work capabilities required in preparation for future “circuit-breaker” quarantine measures that require temporarily moving back to remote work during outbreaks.  


Technology Department Manager
Vice President, Digital Planning