Scoring Connected Buildings

We experience the world on two planes--physical and digital. The intersection of these points determines how we experience the buildings in which we work, live, and socialize. It is now possible to gauge the level of connectedness, and how reliably we will be able to integrate these two aspects of our lives in the built environment.  

WiredScore is the global industry leader when it comes to building technology and digital connectivity assessment. WiredScore’s mission is “to make the world’s buildings better connected, enabling a more collaborative, innovative and dynamic future.” The Wiredscore process focuses on how a building can adapt to future technology changes. Going beyond the old “think bigger, build taller” mindset, it optimizes and aligns the building’s infrastructure, whether the occupant is the property manager, the tenant, or a guest. A WiredScore certification empowers developers to make technology infrastructure and systems decisions that improve both net operating income (NOI) and tenant experience for new developments and occupied buildings.  

Similar to the way LEED drives a building’s sustainability approach, WiredScore looks at a building’s technology sustainability through the lenses of infrastructure, network services, and survivability. When considering WiredScore certification, there are many questions to ask: Can the building account for potential outages? Can the building keep any telecommunications equipment safe? Are there any single points of failure? Does the tenant have a seamless digital connection? Are there proper provisions for new service providers? Will you be able to keep your cell reception from outside the building to your desk? Can tenants access multiple high speed internet options? How flexible is the building to new and advancing technologies? Will all users of the building be able to access a Wi-Fi network?   

The most common question about WiredScore is “Why?” According to a 2019 study by London Investor Guide, tenants are willing to pay up to 5% more in rent for a space with strong connectivity over one without. A study conducted by Opinion Research in February of 2021 showed that 80% of employees feel it’s important to work in a technologically advanced office, and 26% even stated they expect cutting-edge technology. With the research clear, here are a few additional reasons why certification may be right for your next big development.  

Whether a commercial or multifamily building, WiredScore certification gives tenants the peace of mind to know that the lease they are signing won’t limit their connectivity options in the future. Certification levels vary from a basic “Certified” through a more advanced “Platinum”. Getting Platinum certification is a rigorous, but worthwhile process. It's achievement signals to the building's tenants--and to the industry--that a developer is serious about the digital frontier and how their building will adapt to it.  Below are the WiredScore rating systems:   

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Leasing: WiredScore assists developers by translating high level technical and engineering language and allows for clear, concise communications with brokers and tenants on services provided.   

Manage Assets: WiredScore buildings will gain a higher level of benchmarking analysis. These analyses can help guide future resiliency decisions and investments. Knowing exactly where the infrastructure is in the building allows developers to better divide spaces while still providing the highest level of connectivity to their tenants.   

Marketing and Branding: WiredScore allows brands to position themselves as technologically forward thinking and proactive.  Tenants with higher bandwidth applications will be more likely to lease from a facility with a resiliency and uptime plan that demonstrates the facility will support current and emerging trends. 


Expanding beyond WiredScore, the recently released SmartScore certification looks at a tenant’s digital interactions with a facility, gauging how well smart building platforms are deployed and scoring the total tenant and operator experience. As the smart building industry moves from a focus on systems to a focus on user experience, SmartScore is positioned to help designers, owners and operators make reliable, user driven decisions.   

Accredited Professionals

Working with a WiredScore Accredited Professional closely connects the WiredScore and design processes. By bringing on a WiredScore AP early in your design process, you can avoid changes and delays in design and construction while cost optimizing your infrastructure to meet WiredScore requirements. Your WiredScore AP can provide you with a clear assessment of your current projected certification level and provide targeted design options. APs ensure that all aspects of your building are considered and vetted to provide the highest certification possible with the lowest impact on your overall building cost.   



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