Carbon Emissions


In 2021, Bala embarked on an internal carbon accounting initiative, creating a baseline to first understand and then strategically reduce our emissions profile. We are using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol framework and considering our Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions to examine and drive down our impact.

By putting together this baseline emissions report, we are better able to see where we have opportunities for carbon reduction. Our goals and specific reduction strategies that align with each scope are below.



We are committed to reducing our Scope 1,2,3 emissions:

per year
in total, by 2030
in total by 2050, from a 2021 base year

Our strategies to achieve these targets include:

  • In new office locations, consider energy efficiency projects, electrification, and the purchase of renewable energy.
  • Locate new offices near public transportation and offer onsite EV charging to encourage electric vehicle use.
  • Encourage purchasing low-carbon travel options and consider the purchase of offsets for travel we cannot reduce.
  • Utilize virtual meeting platforms when possible.


  • Expand the recycling programs in each office and consider compost opportunities, if available
  • Implement a paper-free workflow and communicate this initiative to clients.
  • Purchase products with low CO2 or a high percentage of recycled content.

Bala's emission reduction goals are in line with the global climate agenda and the Science Based Targets Initiative’s (SBTi) Net-Zero Standard.

To further mitigate our carbon emissions, we are investing in verified carbon offset projects. For 2021...

We offset 100% of the emissions stemming from our business travel and employee commuting – accounting for 47% of our overall emissions

Bala is excited to have purchased Industrial Process Emissions offsets in 2022. We are committed to investing in verified carbon offset projects yearly moving forward to reduce our carbon emissions and positively influence the communities where projects are completed.

We realize that true carbon reduction must come from decoupling our economic growth from our emissions. Thus, we are primarily focused on operational reduction to achieve our long-term goals. Offsets are a part of our initial strategy, but are not a  our only solution.