Embodied Carbon

The systems we choose, the materials and equipment we specify, and the construction methods used onsite, play a significant role in reducing the embodied carbon of a building. Recognizing the importance of reducing carbon in all aspects of our design, Bala is seizing the opportunity to positively influence and reduce the embodied carbon emissions emitted for our projects.

Embodied carbon is the carbon emitted from the full life cycle of a building - starting at extraction of raw materials and extending all the way through disposal. We’ve adopted embodied carbon goals for both our MEP practice and our Structures practice.

In line with the industry-wide challenge, MEP 2040, Bala is committed to:

Achieving net zero embodied carbon in our MEP designs by 2040

MEP 2040 Challenge
Bala is establishing a plan to reduce embodied carbon across MEP systems and to measure our progress annually.

We are incorporating the following measures into our design process:

  • Requesting low-GWP (global warming potential) refrigerant for our designs
  • Requesting environmental product declarations (EPDs) in our product specifications

The MEP 2040 Challenge requires unique and exciting cross-industry collaboration. Bala is participating in quarterly CLF MEP 2040 forums, participating in bi-weekly embodied carbon working groups, and conducting research alongside design partners and product manufacturers.  


In line with the industry-wide challenge, SE 2050, Bala is committed to:

Achieving net zero embodied carbon in our structural designs by 2050

SE 2050 Commitment
Bala has established an Embodied Carbon Action Plan and we are submitting annual project data to drive down structural embodied carbon.

Our SE 2050 efforts align around four spheres of influence – education, reporting, reduction, and advocacy.

We have already taken action by providing internal and external education on embodied carbon and mass timber. We are setting an emissions project baseline to best measure and employ reductions strategies in our designs and specifications for 2023.

Read our Embodied Carbon Action Plan


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> Our project carbon reduction goals are estimated to work together and achieve carbon neutral buildings earlier than 2050.