Aston Heights

Newark, NJ
Fire Protection
165,000 SF

Aston Heights is a new family rental development that consists of both apartments and townhomes. The complex includes 154 units and 7,000 SF of retail space.

The development is 5 stories tall and includes 154 units in one, 2 and 3-bedroom configurations. Some rentals will also be designated as NHA “affordable housing” apartments.

Other resident community amenities include a community room on the top floor and a fitness center.

The mechanical design for each apartment includes one split system AC unit with a built-in gas furnace. The outdoor condensing unit is located on the roof and the indoor evaporator is located in a mechanical closet within the apartment. The evaporator unit is a vertical, with top ducted air discharge. Air distribution is by supply ductwork and return/transfer grilles within a fire rated assembly. Branch ducts and double deflection registers distribute air to bedrooms and living room areas to fire rated diffusers. Return air is through high/low transfer grilles in the bedrooms and grilles in the soffit or in the mechanical closet side wall. Domestic hot water for the residential units is generated via individual gas fired direct vent type water heaters located in each apartment.