Belmont Middle & High School

Belmont, MA
Fire Protection
LEED Gold, Net-Zero-Ready
450,000 SF

The Town of Belmont in Massachusetts is committed to reducing their carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. The flagship building advancing this effort is their new Net-Zero-Ready school building. With an all-electric design, the building is estimated to result in more than $5M in net present savings for taxpayers, as well as yield a 40% reduction in Belmont’s carbon emissions.

The building will feature both carefully separated and strategically shared spaces between the Middle School and High School. With a focus on equipping students for the future, the facility will include flexible classroom and learning spaces, as well as innovation centered spaces.

Rather than fossil-fuel boilers, a geothermal well heat pump system will provide heating and cooling to the building. Bala is involved in the design of active chilled beam systems and radiant heating and cooling systems to improve energy efficiency of the building.  

The design includes 283 geothermal wells and a roof-top photovoltaic system with over 75,000 panels. These panels will offset 30% of the total annual energy consumption for the facility.

Fast Facts:
Net-Zero-Ready Facility
75,000 Solar Panels
All-Electric Building