The Comcast Center

Philadelphia, PA
Fire Protection
1,250,000 SF

This 57-story high rise office building is one of Philadelphia’s tallest and greenest buildings.  It incorporates state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical systems and green features, such as rain water collection for irrigation, lighting control, high-efficiency glazing on every window, a hybrid cooling plant, night purging and outside preconditioning.

Building air conditioning systems are served by a central chilled water plant incorporating high-efficiency, variable speed electric chillers; peak-shaving steam absorption chillers, variable speed primary chilled water pumping; high delta T condenser and chilled water systems; and waterside economizers.  The HVAC system utilizes floor-by-floor chilled water air handling units configured to deliver low temperature, dehumidified air.  

The electrical power distribution system is fed by a dual utility service and incorporates double ended switchgear.  Emergency generation is provided for all life safety systems and provisions were made for installation of additional generators for critical tenant services.

Life safety systems include sprinkler, fire alarm, stair pressurization, and floor-by-floor smoke control.  The smoke control system is in excess of that required by code and adds a further level of safety for the tenants.