Drexel University

Integrated Sciences Building
Philadelphia, PA
LEED-Gold and Three Green Globes

The five-story Constantine Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building (ISB) is a Class A laboratory building and includes a multi-story “living wall,” faculty research labs, instructional science labs, faculty offices, conference rooms, an auditorium and the Steinbright Career Development Center (SCDC).  The ISB is the first LEED-certified building on Drexel’s campus, and sets new standards for sustainable design by engaging students and faculty in an interactive environment.

The ISB contains 44 state-of-the-art research and teaching labs for biotechnology, organic chemistry, and biomedical engineering.

The forty foot “living wall” spans the height of the atrium and is home to live tropical plants, ivy, and orchids.  Air is gently blown through the wall to humidify and oxygenate the air by utilizing the plants’ natural respiratory properties.In accordance with LEED guidelines, natural light is designed to fill the building’s labs and open spaces, and local transport is available to reduce Drexel’s overall carbon footprint.  Additionally, water-efficient strategies for landscaping and plumbing use have been incorporated.

Fast Facts:
44 Labs
Living Wall