Episcopal Academy

Newtown Square, PA
Fire Protection
Technology Infrastructure
365,000 SF

The 123-acre campus in Newtown Square, PA houses over 365,000 SF of new facilities, including a science center, lower, middle and upper school buildings, student center, athletic facility and chapel, as well as numerous athletic fields.  The student center houses a 450 seat performing arts theater, library and three separate dining facilities.  The athletic facility includes five basketball courts, ten squash courts and an eight lane pool.

Each building has a standalone Building Automation System (BAS), which ties into an overall campus wide monitoring system.  The 3-story, 27,000 SF Science Center houses both the Upper and Middle School science labs.  There are four science lab classrooms on each floor and one prep area serving every two classrooms.  Each chemistry lab has two fume hoods, which has a dedicated utility type exhaust fan located on the roof that is interlocked with the fume hood switch to shut-off when the fume hood is not in operation.  The fixed position lab desks/tables were wired for power and data at each seat.  There are two projector screens and a rotating video camera to provide two viewing positions for presentations in each lab.  Each lab has an AV rack and two teaching positions for the AV system.

Voice/data designs included a Local Area Network (LAN) for the science building, administrative offices and office functions, plus programmed support areas (i.e. reception, store, library and storage areas). The LAN is capable of accommodating high speed LAN/WAN services, VoIP services, wireless LAN services, CATV, CCTV and additional converged LAN applications.  Bala also designed a security system for both interior and perimeter spaces.  The system is comprised of a card access system, Closed Circuit Television monitoring and an intrusion alarm system.  Additionally, the integrated communications network is flexible enough to meet the future needs of the school.


Fast Facts:
450Seat Theater
5 Basketball Courts
10 Squash Courts