Georgetown Middle/High School

Georgetown, MA
Fire Protection
75,000 SF

This 75,000 square foot education facility was built in 1961 and was in need of major renovations to the building systems.  Bala was chosen to provide the engineering services for the renovations and repairs.  

The first floor included vocational shop spaces that were converted to band and chorus rooms complete with new heating and ventilating units and appropriate lighting.  The roof was replaced and all rooftop equipment was temporarily removed and reinstalled.  The building was fully sprinkled, and scope included minor modifications to the existing system.  Lower level classrooms were reconfigured, a corridor added and two existing fire services were interconnected within the building.

Interior spaces are served with a centralized VRF (variable refrigerant flow) heat recovery cooling system allowing for the highest energy efficiency for the HVAC systems serving these spaces.  The gymnasium was reconfigured to increase playing surfaces and the heating and ventilation equipment replaced.  Classroom spaces were modified and the media center was reconfigured.