Heath Village Health Care Center

Harrington Park, NJ
Fire Protection
Project Type
90,400 SF

Heath Village is constructing a new rehabilitation and health care center to replace the existing building located on their main campus.  Set to open in 2020, this new facility will contain 108 beds distributed into six “households”.

Designed by KDA architects, the new healthcare facility will do away with the old institutional feel of a hospital and will be built in the model of a household.  The units will be arranged into small “neighborhoods” of 18 residents for more personalized routines.  Each neighborhood will include a more private space for residents containing a living room, activity space, kitchen and dining room.

The new facility will have a 365-ton, two-cell cooling tower and two 1,000 MBH natural gas condensing boilers.  Heating and cooling for all resident rooms is done with two-pipe heat pump units.  Outdoor air is being provided by 100% outdoor air units with energy recovery wheels.  Each energy recovery unit will also have a steam humidifier installed in the ductwork.  There will also be a full-service kitchen requiring make-up air and grease exhaust.