LeFrak City

Queens, NY
Fire Protection

Bala is working with the LeFrak organization to renovate and upgrade the infrastructure systems in many of the LeFrak City apartment towers in the NYC Borough of Queens. 

Named after numerous international cities, Bala is providing engineering services for the conversion of the boiler plants serving the Rome and Copenhagen towers from steam to non-condensing hydronic systems. Bala’s design also includes two new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units to provide power to these towers.  Bala also provided similar engineering services for the Paris and London Towers in this development.  The domestic hot water systems serving the towers were also upgraded with Heat Timer Electronic Tempering Valves (ETV) and Heat Timer controllers. 

In addition to our work in LeFrak City, Bala is working with the LeFrak Organization to review and provide engineering upgrades to multiple other multi-unit housing facilities throughout New York City and Jersey City, NJ.