Logan International Airport

Terminal E and Central Heating Plant
East Boston, MA
Fire Protection

This project included the in-kind replacement of the Terminal E East Substation (double-ended switchgear); the replacement of 1 MW, 4,160V emergency generator at the Central Heating Plant; the replacement of 5 kV and 15 kV switchgear at the Central Heating Plant; and increased aircraft gate capacities for the central 400 hertz distribution system in Terminal E.

The Central Heating Plant design scope included resiliency in design in order to meet a 100 year flood level determined by Massport consultant research. 

Phasing was critical in order to maintain continuity within airport operations and because the Terminal E substation supports a significant portion of the terminal.  The generator and new 5 kV switchgear supports the life-safety emergency distribution to Terminal E, the 15 kV switchgear supports numerous other properties across the airport and the 400 hertz power supports the operation of aircraft when docked at Terminal E.