Mill 19 at Hazelwood Green

Pittsburgh, PA
Fire Protection
250,000 SF

Located on an 178-acre brownfield site, Mill 19 is set to be the first building in a grand master plan to create the largest riverfront development in Pittsburgh history. The development is comprised of three new buildings located within the steel framework of the old steel mill. The first building will be occupied by Carnegie Mellon University’s Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute and Catalyst Connections. In contrast to the pollution produced by the original facility, sustainable design is now at the heart of this LEED Gold certified complex. The roof of the structure is outfitted with 4,968 solar panels, making the array the largest single sloped solar installation in the US.

The parcel of land is being developed through several phases into a high density mixed-use community with extremely high sustainability standards. The development is to include office, light industrial, retail, residential and open area spaces.  The first two buildings under development are the Mill 19A and Mill 19B buildings.

Bala’s Structural engineers provided the structural engineering for the base buildings of Mill 19A and Mill 19B, and are currently assisting in the concept development of the third building within the Mill.  Additionally, Bala’s structural engineers were the tenant engineer for Carnegie Mellon University, and anchor tenant within Mill 19A, to design the industrial high bay space, interior stairs, labs, and meetings spaces.

For the Mill 19A building, following the LEED for Core and Shell rating system (version 4), Bala’s independent commissioning group developed commissioning documents, including the Owner Project Requirements, Commissioning Master Plan, Commissioning Specification, Design Intent Report and the commissioning protocols for pre-functional and functional test procedures. We then conducted site visits for meetings, installations verifications and we have completed testing for the electrical systems, HVAC systems and plumbing systems within the building.  Bala’s Commissioning group is currently providing similar activities for Mill 19B.  

Fast Facts:
4,968 Solar Panels
Rainwater Harvesting System