Morgan State University

Baltimore, MD
Fire Protection
233,000 SF

In partnership with the Maryland Economic Development Corporation, Morgan State University is developing a brand new 233,000 SF, 10 story student housing facility on Morgan State University’s South Campus. 

The new facility will accommodate 674 beds and include a full kitchen and dining hall for the entire university population. 
The residential portion of the building will be served by a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system with condensing units located on the roof of the building. The system will be designed to allow each interior fan coil unit to operate in either the heating or cooling mode independent of the operation of the other units connected to the system. Ventilation air for the residential units will be provided by roof mounted energy recovery units with energy recovery wheels to recover energy from the building exhaust system. 

The lower level common area, dining hall/servery and kitchen will be served by direct expansion cooling/natural gas heat roof mounted variable air volume (VAV) units serving fan powered VAV terminal units with electric heat and cooling only VAV terminal units. The units will include total energy recovery wheels, hot gas reheat, and pre and final filters.

Plumbing design will include a triplex domestic water booster to ensure the required pressure at the upper floors of the high rise building and a common domestic hot water system for the building. A hot water re-circulating system will be incorporated to reduce hot water delivery time throughout the building.

Fire protection will include a 1000 gpm fire pump with Class 1 standpipe risers in the stair towers and zone valves serving each floor. 

Renderings courtesy of Hord Coplan Macht