Piazza Complex

Philadelphia, PA
1,000,000 SF

This 1 million square foot complex includes four residential/
retail buildings, an office building, retail shops, a large grocery store and
a parking garage. The buildings are situated around a 30,000 square foot Italian-style courtyard called, “The Piazza".

The two, seven-story residential/retail buildings are separated by a steel connector bridge, connecting levels 2, 4, and 6 of these
buildings.  The seven-story residential buildings are constructed using cast-in-place concrete flat slab floors and concrete columns.

To the northern end of the Piazza plaza, the two condominium buildings point to the elliptical floors of the seven-story Rialto at the Piazza Office building.  This building utilizes a two-way, cast-in-place concrete floor system and concrete columns, above a partial basement level.  Cast-in-place concrete walls surround the stair tower and elevator shaft and provide lateral support for the structure.  The building’s exterior is an all glass intelligent skin that responds to its environment by developing a mosaic glass pattern based on
views and solar orientation.

Also recently constructed at 2nd and Girard, is a new 130,000  square foot cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete parking structure which provides parking for the office building, new retail shops and supermarket at the site.  The new retail facility is a 160,000 square foot steel framed structure with a second level that cantilevers twenty feet out over the Girard Avenue sidewalk.