Boston, MA
Fire Protection
Technology Infrastructure
250,000 SF

PTC, a market leader in Internet of Things and Augmented Reality, moved its headquarters to the new 121 Seaport Blvd. building in Boston's Seaport Square. 

PTC wanted to create an "employee-centric" office space at 121 Seaport Blvd.  The 250,000 square foot space includes ergonomic workstations, neighborhood workstations, 180 meeting rooms, a fitness center, stretching studio and locker rooms.  They also wanted to make sure their space had consistent temperatures throughout, so Bala utilized Active Chilled Beams as well as other enhancements that use energy more efficiently while delivering consistent temperatures throughout the workspace.  

Bala's technology design services for the project include the design, documentation and specification for voice and data network cabling, CCTV camera and access control systems for five floors of the new 17-story building. 

Fast Facts:
180 Meeting Rooms
Fitness Center
Rooftop Deck