SAP America Data Center

Newtown Square, PA
Fire Protection
LEED Commissioning
LEED Platinum
5 MW

This worldwide leader in enterprise applications chose Bala to provide engineering and commissioning services for their Data Center expansion at their United Stated headquarters.  Bala designed several major expansions and system upgrades, including a new FM 200 system, the addition of 11 static switches and 11 PDUs, that allowed SAP to utilize single-corded and dual-corded IT equipment.  This integration also gives SAP concurrent maintenance capabilities.

The current Data Center infrastructure upgrades project started with a facilities infrastructure assessment.  The feasibility study evaluated various infrastructure upgrades and modifications, capital budgeting analyzed the costs, followed by engineering design for numerous significant MEP/FP systems additions.  All MEP/FP system upgrades were engineered to increase capacity, reliability and energy efficiency.

Engineering systems implemented included providing hot air containment via vertical exhaust ducts and solid rear door cabinets for the existing cabinets, hot aisle containment for the high-density clusters, an over-sized cooling tower, high efficiency chillers and a heat exchanger for free cooling.  The chilled water supply temperature was raised to 61F from 45F (while maintaining a 75F cabinet inlet temp), providing a warm water distribution system and increasing the number of free cooling hours per year.

Bala engineered a new Network Operations Center next to the Data Center, featuring command consoles and video screen displays.

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