Oaks, PA
Fire Protection
100,000 SF

This wealth and investment management solutions firm located in Oaks, Pennsylvania expanded their corporate headquarters with a new 100,000 SF building on the North side of their campus.

This first phase of the expansion project, known as “North Campus” included a 100,000 SF building. The building continues the aesthetics of exposed structural steel of its predecessors. Open web steel floor joists repeat throughout the wings of the office spaces allowing color coded utilities to pass within the structural floor depth. Most notably, the top floor of the building provides for a column free open concept with clear heights up to 20+ feet by using steel trusses spanning the width of the building. Additionally, the triangular formed light monitors protrude out of the monosloped roof plane allowing additional light to flood the floor volume.

The triangular forms of the building are showcased throughout the architecture including the steel framed canopies at the entrances. These canopies show as folded “origami” structures that are propped up on aggressive angles that challenge gravitational forces. The focal point of the building resides at the main entrance where a polished concrete slab containing vibrantly colored aggregates welcomes the tenants and overlooks the lower floor and patio space through a two story curtain wall. Bala’s structural engineers were able to create these intricate spaces by thinking outside the box to develop fresh, progressive and non-typical construction details.