St. John's Preparatory School

Wellness Center
Danvers, MA
Fire Protection
78,000 SF

As part of Prep 20/20, St. John’s four-part strategic plan to improve academic excellence on campus, the prepatory school built a Wellness Center.  The Center is a place for students to engage in fitness and entertain their 20 scholastic sports teams.  

The 78,000 square foot brand new facility houses an 8,000 square foot Pool House with an eight-lane competitive swimming pool, which can also be used for teaching and therapeutic purposes.  This double-height Natatorium includes an elevated viewing balcony, which is served with a dedicated HVAC air handling system.  

The HVAC system maintains the space at the optimal environmental conditions necessary to control water evaporation and mitigate occupant discomfort in this dynamic building climate.  The dedicated HVAC air system also serves to heat the indoor pool using the waste heat from the space.  

The facility includes locker/shower facilities for both the students and visitors, an aerobic fitness center, weight rooms, conference rooms, multi-purpose rooms, juice bar and a 30,000 square foot Field House with a full indoor track facility complete with room for three basketball courts and an elevated oval track in a double-height arena.  Outdoor bleachers are incorporated along one long side of the building to allow for viewing of activities in an adjacent outdoor track facility.  A press booth has also been incorporated into the track portion of the building to allow for broadcasting of activities in either the indoor or outdoor facility.  

Fast Facts:
8000SF Pool House
30000SF Field House