St. John's Prepatory School

Brother Keefe, C.F.X. Academic Center
Danvers, MA
Fire Protection
74,000 SF

This “STREAM” Center was constructed as part of St. John’s Prepatory
School’s master plan to improve academic excellence and student life.  Bala was chosen to provide the mechanical and electrical engineering for the 74,000 square foot project.

This 5-story building is host to a variety of education departments including Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics dubbing it a “STREAM” Center.  The building features a robotics lab and computer classrooms on the first floor with a two-story
entrance designed for both formal and informal gatherings of the student body.

The middle three floors house general classrooms, as well as state-of-the-art labs for biology, chemistry and physics.  The Chemistry and Physics classrooms are accommodated with fume hoods.

The top floor houses open offices for staff with conference areas, break rooms and workrooms.  The building is designed for a possible future
expansion in the back of the academic spaces.