St. Joseph's University

John and Maryann Post Learning Commons
Philadelphia, PA
Fire Protection
35,000 SF

Bala provided engineering design services for the new 3-story, John and Maryanne Post Learning Commons.  The primary function is to service the community by providing an environment where people can access books, periodicals, electronic media and art.

The first floor of the Learning Commons features group study rooms, librarian offices, an information desk, atrium, and cafe.  The atrium structurally links the new building to the existing Drexel Library, which will be renovated to accommodate the new Learning Commons.  The second floor will consist of instructional space, library administration, reading rooms, and lounge areas.  There are also several media development and practice rooms for the students to hone their presentation skills.  Group study rooms and campus archives are showcased on the third floor of the new facility.