Stable Lofts

Philadelphia, PA
46,400 SF

The Stable Lofts located at 631 North Broad was an existing three-story
masonry building built in 1867.  The building started as the historic E. Hart Stable, transformed into a motorcar showroom and most recently served as an art gallery.  The building is now a seven-story, mixed-use apartment building with a roof deck and 5,000 square feet of ground floor retail.

The existing building consisted of exterior clay-brick masonry bearing walls, wood roof trusses, wood joist floor framing, heavy timber girders and cast iron columns.  The key structural aspects of the project included temporary/permanent structural bracing, structural
demolition and a vertical expansion. Three separate building permits were required for each challenge of this project.

Bala’s Structural Group engineered new foundations and a structural steel frame to be built within the existing building structure to temporarily brace the existing clay-brick masonry walls and allow structural demolition of the existing 2nd and 3rd floors and roof structure.  Structural demolition of the existing floor levels was required to permit new floor levels at different elevations and for the vertical expansion of the steel framed structural to seven stories.

The building is now comprised of 41 residences with unique floors plans including private decks, bi-level units, industrial-style windows and hardwood floors.

Fast Facts:
5000SF Retail