The Union League of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA
Fire Protection

The Union League of Philadelphia was established in 1862 and the original building was completed in 1865.  Two additions were added in subsequent years.  The facility houses an Inn, a Health Club, world class dining, historical collections and a library, and other amenities common to a private club. The building is listed in the National Historic Register.  Bala has engineered multiple renovations for this facility over the past ten years. 

Project Highlights: 

Restaurant Renovations
Upscale dining facilities were provided as part of the renovations to the North and South Marble Rooms and the Benson Room.  A new 21,000 SF kitchen and two new bars were also added to the facility.  Adjacent restrooms were upgraded.  All new MEP and life safety systems were added including kitchen exhaust and makeup systems and new HVAC for all areas.

New Service Areas and Function Rooms
The Sheridan and Gettysburg Rooms were renovated.  All MEP and life safety systems were modified to accommodate the renovations.  New VAV HVAC systems were provided serving the spaces through existing outlets to maintain the original appearance.  New back-of-house spaces were created, including an Administrative Suite, Employee Café, and Employee Locker Rooms.  All new MEP and life safety systems were provided.