University of the Sciences

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Philadelphia, PA
Fire Protection
Targeting Green Globes Certification
110,000 SF

In an effort to meet the growing needs of the students, the university constructed a large, 426 bed student housing facility.

The U-shaped building consists of a 110,000 SF apartment style student housing facility. The new building houses multi-use classrooms, retail spaces and offices and apartments (426 beds) for Residence Life Staff. It also features an open air plaza.

With the U-shaped format of the buildings, the courtyard showcases the Storm Water Management system. Runoff from the roof is routed to bio-retention planting areas. As each planter fills with water, it will pour into the next lower planter through visible weir walls, until it reaches the public plaza. This system allows groundwater tables to recharge, reduces the burden on the city’s sewer system and promotes a home to a variety of pollinating insects. 


Fast Facts:
426 Beds