Villanova University

The Commons
Villanova, PA
Fire Protection
400,000 SF

In an effort to bring more students back to the campus for housing, Villanova developed a new student housing complex along Lancaster Avenue.  The new development will include both housing and retail space and will add approximately 1,135 more beds to their campus housing.

The new gothic style, mixed-use development includes retail and student resident structures, structured parking and a central plant to serve the development.  The central plant capacity is expandable to serve a future performing arts center and additional portions of the campus on the south side of Lancaster Avenue.

The new student housing will provide approximately 1,135 beds in dormitory and suite style residences, associated support spaces, an 1,800 vehicle parking structure and central plant facilities.  In addition to the residences, there will be a variety of retail spaces for students, including a new University Bookstore, Convenience Store and Villanova Bistro.

Fast Facts:
7 Gardens
2,471 Windows
6 Buildings