White Horse Village

Newtown Square, PA
Fire Protection
Project Type
21,000 SF

White Horse Village is a 25-year old, full-service, lifecare community.  To remain current and competitive in the lifecare market, White Horse Village chose to renovate and upgrade their existing clubhouse facility.  The design intent of the project was to provide enhanced amenities for residents, staff and visitors using simplicity, comfort and natural sustainable materials.  

The renovation began with a masterplan, developed with the design team, board and residents, that identified the key objectives and desired amenities. The project included the clubhouse entrance lobby, cafe area and a new convenience store.  The result was a vibrant gathering and community hub that maintained the White Horse Village ideals of simplicity, comfort and utilized natural, sustainable materials. 

Bala also provided engineering services for renovations to White Horse’s Four Seasons Memory Support Building totaling 5,840 square feet.  The renovations included a new kitchen,  sprinkler replacement and lounge reconfiguration.