Warehouse to lab conversion

3 Key Considerations When Converting a Warehouse to a Laboratory - Published by Building Design + Construction

CLICK HERE TO VIEW ARTICLE on BD+C - https://www.bdcnetwork.com/3-key-considerations-when-converting-warehouse-laboratory Much has been made lately about converting vacant office space to laboratory use. However, with growing inventory in warehouse space as the distribution center market flattens, adaptive reuse of available warehouse space for life sciences applications is a concept that is coming to the fore. While it is not a simple conversion, it is easier than office space. This… Read More

Medium Voltage Brings Cost Savings and Efficiencies for Powering Multi-Story Data Centers

As available real estate continues to diminish, and become more expensive, data center developers are embracing the reality that if you can’t build out, you must build up. Typically, building up is more expensive especially if you stay within the constraints of low voltage power distribution systems (480 Volts, typical). In an effort to help contain those costs, consideration should be made for shifting to a medium voltage power distribution system (i.e., 5kV to 69 kV, typical) solution that… Read More

Decarbonizing Lab Design

Energy intense labs present owners, developers, and designers alike with a unique challenge to balance functional lab design with corporate sustainability goals, anticipated emissions reduction requirements, and energy codes. Now more than ever, converting offices to lab spaces requires new, more innovative, and future-focused design strategies. A creative and collaborative team is also imperative to meet unique lab needs during our industry’s ever-changing regulatory and construction cost… Read More

Office to Multifamily Conversions

Declining office occupancy levels combined with a growing shortage of affordable residential housing has ignited renewed interest in converting office space to multifamily housing. According to CBRE, in 2021 8 million SF of office space was converted, that number rose to 12 million SF in 2022 and is expected to continue rising in 2023.  While the majority of recent office space conversions have been to the laboratory and hospitality market, conversions to multifamily housing make up one-third… Read More
Net Zero Lab

Decarbonizing Laboratory Design

Energy intense labs present owners, developers, and designers alike with a unique challenge to balance functional lab design with new emission reduction requirements and energy codes. Decarbonization of the building sector is being accelerated in New England by Boston’s BERDO 2.0 and new DOER Massachusetts Energy Codes which pose stringent building emissions limits and highly efficient energy standards. Now more than ever, converting offices to lab spaces, requires new, more innovative, and… Read More
Office to Lab Space

Laboratories in Tight Spaces

Market forces have created an unprecedented demand for laboratory space in urban environments. In the past, lab space was more commonly found in suburban locations within industrial/office parks or sprawling campuses. Urban spaces appeal to smaller startup companies, as well as established firms that wish to be close to universities and other chemistry and biotechnology companies. With an influx of venture capital for life sciences deals, startups have found a source of capital that will… Read More
NYC Skyline

Local Law 97 Explained

Effective November 15, 2019, New York City’s Local Law 97 (LL97) is one of many local climate action laws centered around protecting the environment, and subsequently people from the effects of climate change. LL97 is part of a long string of legislation dedicated to reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from NYC buildings – including but not limited to: LL84, LL87, and now LL154. LL84 (2009) – requires annual benchmarking of energy and water efficiency of buildings LL87 (2009… Read More
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BERDO 2.0 Breakdown

BERDO 2.0 is a landmark ordinance set to drive decarbonization in Boston's building sector by  establishing mandatory carbon emission standards and requiring yearly energy and emissions data reports. To avoid costly fines, building owners need to prepare for the reporting requirements starting this year and consider strategies to meet upcoming emissions limits. Bala’s team of integrated sustainability, energy, and commissioning engineers understand the implications of BERDO 2.0 for building… Read More

Conley Terminal's Journey to get Big Ship Ready

Massport had embarked on a nearly $850M infrastructure upgrade and expansion program to modernize Conley Terminal in South Boston.  Bala has been a continual partner of Massport throughout this multi-year effort, most recently providing electrical engineering services to support the relocation and expansion of Berth 10 to host three state-of-the-art cranes. The arrival and installation of three "mega cranes" at Conley Terminal marks a major milestone for Massport's robust program to revitalize… Read More
Kimberly Burkert, CEO

Bala Names New CEO

Bala Consulting Engineers is pleased to announce the promotion of Kimberly Burkert to Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Kim began as Bala’s Controller and throughout her 20+ years grew to become Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, a member of the Senior Leadership Committee, a partner in the firm, and a member of Bala’s Board of Directors. Kim’s unique perspective and keen insights have advanced Bala’s project management capabilities and guided our overall growth strategies. Kim succeeds… Read More