1010 Church

Nashville, TN
Fire Protection
Technology Infrastructure
979,000 SF

As a part of Giarratana's Church Street Development, 1010 Church is the latest luxury multi-family high-rise that will sit alongside the 801 Church and 900 Church projects, sharing a grand visual and architectural gateway to Nashville's downtown. Standing at 60 stories tall, 1010 Church will be the city's tallest tower.

The project is inclusive of the redevelopment of the pre-existing YMCA on the .9 acre site. The proposed plan will demolish the older wing of the YMCA and integrate the newer wing with a brand new addition and the 1010 tower. This transformative and community-focused effort will leverage the value of the site to meet the needs of the growing population of downtown Nashville. Church Street's residential developments are projected to bring upwards of 20,000 new people living in walking distance to the facility.

The new multi-family building will include 360 rental units and 140 condominiums, shared building amenities including an outdoor pool deck and terrace, and condominium amenities. The program also includes a total of 10 levels of parking, which span two floors underground and eight floors above ground.

Fast Facts:
City's Tallest Building
750 FT Structure