The Alcove - 900 Church

Nashville, TN
Technology Infrastructure
372,719 GSF

Developer, Giarratana, LLC, is constructing a new, luxury multi-family high-rise. The tower will stand 34 stories and 416 feet tall and consist of 356 residences. The Alcove is the first building set to be completed as a part of the Church Street Development, and will soon be joined by the 801 Church and 1010 Church projects, as a part of the grand visual and architectural gateway to Nashville's downtown. 

The 377,000 GSF building is designed to have 356 units, served from a ground floor lobby that provides rooftop amenities to the residents including private dining spaces, outdoor rooftop decks, 2 pools and a rooftop game room. The building includes retail, parking and BOH support spaces to complete the project’s design.

The Bala Technology design team provided technology design services encompassing all facets of tenant experience and operator management of the building including carrier/service provider coordination, resilient riser design, Smarthome, touchless access controls, package delivery, amenity audiovisual systems and identifying relevant systems integrations to unify the tenant technology packages.

The security scope on this project was integral for the owner to provide differentiation in the marketplace. With a typical multi-family residential building being a mixture of access cards, key fobs and conventional keys; this design set out to solve the ‘three door problem’ as the design team named it. There is a single means of access to provide entrance to the building, call the elevator to the residents individual floor and open the door to the residents unit. This integration across hardware manufacturers, software developers and the Owner’s Tenant management platform streamlines the tenant and guest experience while providing a high level of building security controls.

Bala provided electrical system and comprehensive technology systems design services for the project. The team worked closely with the design team and ownership team to understand the goals of the project and provide design solutions to complex problems to achieve those goals.

The electrical design included coordination with the local utility design standards, normal power distribution for the high-rise building, a 600kW emergency power generator and associated distribution, façade lighting and design coordination residential unit and amenities design.  

Fast Facts:
416FT Tall
356 Residences
Rooftop Game Room