Boston Skyline

BERDO 2.0 Breakdown

BERDO 2.0 is a landmark ordinance set to drive decarbonization in Boston's building sector by  establishing mandatory carbon emission standards and requiring yearly energy and emissions data reports. To avoid costly fines, building owners need to prepare for the reporting requirements starting this year and consider strategies to meet upcoming emissions limits. Bala’s team of integrated sustainability, energy, and commissioning engineers understand the implications of BERDO 2.0 for building… Read More
Prefabricated Mechanical Skid

Prefabricated Mechanical Penthouses – Super Skids Driving Design and Construction Innovation

Prefabrication and modular construction are growing trends for project design and construction. The benefits of these methods include faster project and construction schedules, increased quality, and less impact on the construction site. Newer drivers increasing the trend towards prefabrication and modular construction are skilled labor shortages, supply chain delays, and increased use of building information modeling (BIM). Bala collaborated with Boston Properties and Turner Construction to… Read More

Conley Terminal's Journey to get Big Ship Ready

Massport had embarked on a nearly $850M infrastructure upgrade and expansion program to modernize Conley Terminal in South Boston.  Bala has been a continual partner of Massport throughout this multi-year effort, most recently providing electrical engineering services to support the relocation and expansion of Berth 10 to host three state-of-the-art cranes. The arrival and installation of three "mega cranes" at Conley Terminal marks a major milestone for Massport's robust program to revitalize… Read More
Kimberly Burkert, CEO

Bala Names New CEO

Bala Consulting Engineers is pleased to announce the promotion of Kimberly Burkert to Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Kim began as Bala’s Controller and throughout her 20+ years grew to become Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, a member of the Senior Leadership Committee, a partner in the firm, and a member of Bala’s Board of Directors. Kim’s unique perspective and keen insights have advanced Bala’s project management capabilities and guided our overall growth strategies. Kim succeeds… Read More

Package Delivery Systems

As buildings become more technologically advanced, property owners are beginning to implement systems that streamline package delivery and take the weight off the property managers’ shoulders. An increase in online ordering has caused managers to spend hours sorting and organizing deliveries every day, however, hardware-and-software-based package delivery options allow for a reduction in staff labor, improve delivery security and the tenant experience. In a recent survey by C+R Research, 43% of… Read More
Philadelphia's Building Energy Performance Program Affects all Philadelphia Buildings

Preparing for Philadelphia’s Mandatory Building Tune-Up

Late in 2019, Philadelphia’s City Council passed Bill #190600, creating the new Building Energy Performance Program (BEPP). This program was developed to help achieve the city’s ambitious climate goal to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. According to the city’s Office of Sustainability, “once implemented, [the program] will cut carbon pollution in the City of Philadelphia by nearly 200,000 metric tons. This is the climate pollution equivalent of taking 40,000 automobiles off our roads… Read More
New hire

"Turning Off Mute:" Conversations with New Hires During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic launched the world into an all-virtual format, and with that came a flurry of Teams meetings, Zoom happy hours, and reminding people they are on mute. While most people had a somewhat seamless transition – doing their best to carry out their work relationships and projects from home – a whole new generation of employees entered the workforce in less-than-ideal conditions. The Class of 2020 -began their careers in a year so tumultuous it’s still hard to fathom. They were… Read More
Data Center

The Rise of Commissioning Project Management for Mission Critical Facilities

The pace of design and construction for mission critical facilities has accelerated exponentially in recent years. The speed required to bring these facilities to market is critical for clients, and construction teams are under increasingly more pressure to deliver. Clients expect reliable, redundant and efficient facilities from the design and construction firms executing these complicated and rigorous projects. In order to deliver these large-scale projects with confidence, many construction… Read More
631 N. Broad

Re-Structure-ing History

The City of Philadelphia is rich with historical buildings.  From old banks to meeting houses to residential buildings that date back to the beginning of our country, it is hard to find a street in the City of Brotherly Love without a historic landmark or building.   This is one reason why Bala is no stranger to working on historic buildings.  Instead of starting from scratch, developers are inspired to work within the confines of these old buildings to breathe new life into structures rich… Read More
Los Mochis

Luckey Climbers

About 10 years ago, Bala took on a unique project with Spencer Luckey, an architect and artist who leads the custom design-build firm Luckey, LLC. In 1985, Spencer began creating children’s climbing structures that are part artistic sculpture, part jungle gym. He has constructed over 80 unique structures worldwide, including some in Mexico, China and Russia, among others.  These play structures are not traditional playground configurations. They are works of art and public space sculptures… Read More